Career Profile

Self-taught Software Engineer by sheer passion and hard, dedicated work. I am always eager to learn new paradigms that help me design better products enhancing interactions. Free software advocate, Python charmer, Emacs user, Mutt lover.


Chief Algorithm Officer

2019 - now
Code & Scale, Antananarivo (Madagascar)

  • Responsible for algorithm design and advanced research on web services and AI
  • Leading web and AI projects

Chief Information Officer

2018 - now
Acipenser, Antananarivo (Madagascar)

  • In charge of the IT department, helping the sturgeon farm into its digitization process
  • Designing internal tools for better forecast and productivity

Lead Developer

2017 - 2018
Gulfsat-Blueline, Antananarivo (Madagascar)

  • Responsible for software design and development best practices
  • In charge of maintaining current implementation of Odoo to meet internal processes
  • In charge of local instance of Zato to better serve APIs to reduce work loads

Research & Development engineer

2010 - 2017
Gulfsat-Blueline, Antananarivo (Madagascar)

Worked a lot on managing the R&D team, responsible for pre-production projects and designing new solutions to solve issues or enhance existing products.

  • Solved new services integration hassle by designing an API cluster interfacing the vast majority of internal resources
  • Tackled the issue of fuel consumption of company's vehicles fleet by proposing and implementing a GPS tracking solution, hence allowing a better efficiency during interventions at client's premises
  • Helped increasing the ARPU on digital TV product by designing a multimedia cluster for streaming pre-encoded movies on nation-wide digital TV network: resulted in mass adoption of the product

Software Developer

2010 - 2010
Xone Technologies, Dakar (Senegal)

Intern in charge of designing an exchange point for mobile banking services in Senegal

  • Re-implemented previous core model in Python
  • Helped design a simple API around which connectors for standard mobile banking services could be written

Personal projects

dvbbox - A simple tool to schedule and stream TS files via DVB-IP.
supervision - Backhauling IP cameras data to a local server
simplechat - A minimal chat server with 2 interfaces: websockets and telnet.

Skills & Proficiency






Emacs LISP

Javascript & jQuery